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My name's Matt. I'm a Midwesterner living in LA working in Digital Content Creation and Branding. Below, you can learn a bit about a few of my favorite projects I've worked on over the past few years. I have spent my professional life focused on developing positive, inspiring relationships between Creators and Brands. I've had the chance to work alongside many talented folks to bring about meaningful, innovative, and lucrative content. I love inspiring creative joy and confidence in individuals who aspire to use their unique gifts to support themselves and their communities. Check out the work. Reach out with questions. Let's grab a drink and chat about what we can make together.

Earth Altar Studio

Building a Business

Most recently, I've spent time with a small artists collective in Los Angeles. Earth Altar Studio was seven months old when the owner and I floated the idea of me joining the team. I was a client at the time. This new vision of hers needed direction and I had a real drive to support the way she wanted to share love and hope with the world through art.


I'm incredibly proud of how I've grown this small business over the past year and a half. I shaped the brand and the business structure -  building the website, designing graphics and printed content, strategizing and creating our social media presence, developed our client engagement voice and strategy, and even wired phone lines and hammered up drywall. Getting to be so hand-on and seeing each action I took bring about instant results was incredibly motivating. Though, the studio's new plant collection may be favorite contribution.


Now, going on three years, the Studio has a full family of talented artists and a strong network of incredibly supportive clients. I've grown this seed of an idea into a beautiful, impactful entity that is ready to thrive.

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YouTube's Women in Comedy

Creating Opportunity

Before my time with Earth Altar, I spent two years at YouTube - YouTube Space LA was my base camp. While there, I worked one-on-on with hundreds of Creators, and spent time conceptualizing and supporting dozens of cross-functional production programs meant to inspire the Creator Community, advance the reach of Google's latest technology, and strength Google x Partner relationships. An absolute stand-out was the Global Spaces Women in Comedy Program. Pairing diverse female creators with the program mentor, Elizabeth Banks, our teams were able to support dozens of individuals in the growth of their creativity, production technique, and collaborative network.  At YouTube Space LA, we put two of our largest sound stages to use, building modular sets, and providing crew support and educational courses during script development. Celebratory networking events were sprinkled throughout. Overall, a wonderful couple months  collaborating on projects we'll always remember.



Rebuilding Alien: Covenant

Living in a Favorite Movie

I, alongside 20th Century Fox, drove this opportunity for our international YouTube Creator Community to step foot into the world of Alien. We rebuilt the legendary set of David's Laboratory using original props from the franchise. Influencers were given free access to priceless props, and Fox funded top-notch crew support for the development of content from a variety of verticals. 

Dior + Beauty Creators

A Massive Collab with a Favorite Brand

A fashion fan, I was honored to work with Dior's marketing team on the birth of YouTube's unique, beauty guru program - Dior: Backstage. The team build a gorgeous fashion show set on which a dozen top beauty influences were given access to limited product, a film crew, hair and make-up stylists to film one-of-a-kind content. We innovated beauty content, created a sleek, two-way mirror through which tutorials could be filmed in a fresh, and comfortable way. Such an amazing month.


Game Time

Pillar-Focused Projects

I spent my time at YouTube working closely with the Gaming Partnerships team. We connected with key Google Partners to foster a home for the gaming community at the YouTube Space.

I guided Konami through their first YouTube Space endeavor - a global, live-steam event. Three top creators each streamed a game-play event to Japan, China, and the US over the coarse of the day. So many global connections were made! I also supported the Nintendo team in launch content for new games and the release of the Nintendo Switch.

Riot Games Creator's Lab

A Week of Collaborative Growth

I also ran point working alongside Riot Games to host their annual Creators Lab at YouTube Space LA. Each spring, 20-30 gaming creators would spend a week at the space exploring new technology, developing their production skill sets with access to top-notch equipment, and growing their networks by collaborating with like-minded creatives from all over the world.

I would provide logistical and interpersonal support as the team at Riot, YouTube's Gaming Partner Managers, and our latest tech development teams worked together to envision a multi-day content production crash course. These gaming influencers had creative freedom, and beautiful prebuilt sets to push their work to new levels. All along the way, we would help them connect with each other and the YouTube team expanding their potential for growth. Riot's genuine hope to build a relationship with their community, and the financial backing the put behind these efforts was a beautiful thing to see and I'm glad I was able to help bring this vision to life each year.

Luc Besson x Valerian Collabs

Exploring New Tech

Our project with STXfilms and Luc Besson brought together several amazing teams and themes. For the launch of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, we built digital, three dimensional sets from the film. A select group of Creators had the chance to put this technology to use to develop unique narratives within the Valerian world. Luc Besson spent a couple hours with their small group learning about their projects, offering advice, and sharing his stories. Following, he spent the evening hosting a Master Class for the influencer community. Working behind the scenes to manage the logistics and creator relations offered me several moments and memories I'm quite grateful to have.

Before I made the move out to Los Angeles in late 2015, I had spent four years at the Ohio State University. While there, I worked with the Student Life Marketing team creating content for student organizations and the university's internal teams. I also served on the leadership board of two production-focused student orgs, supporting content creation and creating myself along the way.


I'm followed a unique path - from creating college projects on my cell phone, to facilitating multi-million dollar production programs, to scaling down and building a small business from the ground up. I've explored all facets of the content creation world, and have learned I deeply love facilitating connections and artistic growth among my peers. A beautiful through line that has never left is my love for making things. I thrive in the world of collaborative creation - befriending new people, learning what they love and what drives them, and using our shared knowledge, skills, and passions to propel ourselves forward. I can't wait to see what new work we have yet to bring into this world together!

Some Thank-You's

The YouTube program/event photographs were capture by the wonderful Robert Panico, Chris Pate, and Brent Coble.

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